What’s new in March 2020?

Welcome to the latest What’s new digest for the SCDS Membership Software. There is a publication every month detailing new features and changes.

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Changes to direct debit mandates

You can now only have one direct debit mandate at a time. This means if you set up a new mandate, your old one will be deactivated.

This prevents some issues where some users set up a new mandate and did not tell the system to use the new mandate by default.

We’ve also improved the onboarding for direct debit, with better instructions as to what is needed before a user starts the process.

Edit entry times

Users can now edit pre-filled entry times when required for galas. Previously these could not be edited.

Emergency contacts

A bug which affected the display of emergency contact details during registration and renewal has been fixed.

Log books

We have added a new Log Books feature to allow members to log their home based land training during the COVID-19 shutdown.

See our help pages on log books to find out more.

Emergency message banners

We’ve added support for emergency banners during the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown. Banners can be;

And support Markdown.

Banners can be loaded into SCDS WordPress sites via JavaScript XHR requests.